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What is the E-fitness about

Power Up
For Success

Power-ups are short 1 – 5 minute breaks that replenish energy and enthusiasm. In this positive psychology intervention we will co-opt this idea from the gaming world to create a list of power-ups for use when your energy and motivation is lagging.

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  • To explain the science behind power-ups and then create and share a list of these
    short interventions for your future use.
  • Having a ready list of quick power-ups will help you keep on track during stressful times.
  • This is a fun and refreshing practice for more energy.
  • This is a theoretical, practical, and participatory course.
  • Lecture followed by a practical exercise that demonstrates or applies the concepts.
  • Course is delivered via Zoom.


Power Up For Success
  1. Explain the “power-up” concept and how it’s best used
  2. Brainstorm a list of ideas to share

When does
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Available dates:

October 6th, 3 PM  Europe

lisa newman efio

Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman, M.B.A. (University of Miami), MSc./MAPP Candidate (Anglia Ruskin University), SPHR, IPE is a positive psychology practitioner, senior professional in human resources, and eating behavior coach with over 30 years of experience in behavior change. Lisa has worked for Xerox Corporation and Deloitte consulting as well as providing consulting services to many top employers in the United States through her business Health Management Partners. She has taught at the University of New Orleans, and at Tulane University, where she won an award for teaching excellence. You can find more about Lisa and her coaching services at WomenEat.com.

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