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What is the Workshop about

How to deal with my weakness, problem, fear?

Just think for a moment, how would you feel without any fears? Phew, what a relief!
There is probably no man on earth who would not have some problems, weaknesses, or fears. This is natural and integrated part of our human nature. However, sometimes we do not know how to cope with them, and in some cases, people are shy to admit they have some weak points, as they are afraid of being misunderstood, embarrassed or even rejected by others. Especially in recent times, since the world situation has become extremely complicated, almost everyone needs emotional support and we all need to understand there is nothing wrong with that. Just opposite: conscious people want to take care about their health internal and external. Therefore, I invite you to participate in this workshop, which will give you practical tools for dealing with those annoying little monsters.

  • To give practical and theoretical tools and ways for observing, recognizing, and dealing with problems/fears/weaknesses.
  • Students will gain the knowledge and skills helping to build or strengthen their self-
    confidence and self-esteem. They also will learn how to avoid certain tasks and activities that might
    be debilitating and why it is important.
  • A theoretical, practical, and participatory activities.

    Short lectures followed by practical activities that demonstrates or applies the concepts.

    Delivered via Zoom live.


How to deal with my weakness, problem, fear?
  1. How to observe what strengthens and what weakens us in everyday life?
  2. Why and how shall we avoid activities/situations/duties draining us out of energy?
  3. How to name it and tame it- or how to build healthy self-confidence
  4. Conclusions and homework

When does
it start?

Available dates:

Wed, 22/7, 10.30am UK time and 8.30pm UK time
Sat, 25/7, 10.30am UK time
Wed, 29/7, 10.30am UK time


Iwona J. Wroblewska

I studied Business Management at Silesian University in Poland and took a course of Business Structure at Waltham Forest College in London. I have worked at many different organizations, private and governmental as well, both in my origin country, and in the UK. Always my great passion was -and still is- a human being’s potential, people’s resources and their amazing capabilities and powers. Due to certain life challenges I was not able to graduate psychology studies, however, I have achieved the coach-trainer certificate from TLnC Global- Gallup’s agent organization, and I am very keen on continuing my education on this field. I am passionate and enthusiastic about what I am doing; I am naturally talented for this kind of work as deep in my heart I have plenty of love, enthusiasm and admiration for people’s capabilities and talents. The feedback I am receiving from my customers shows clearly, that I can help a lot in understanding and embracing their fantastic potential, in achieving goals and shifting lives for the better- which always makes me very happy and fulfilled. This work is my life passion and mission.

+ 10 years

of experience

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