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What is the E-fitness about

Building your personal presence
and success through grounding meditation technique.

This e-fitness teaches what is grounding and the importance of it. It also helps to understand why we are not present in our lives and how to change this. You will also learn a simple but powerful technique that will improve your wellbeing, self-worth and relationships with others. Using grounding technique daily will transform your life to one where everything comes with ease.

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This e-fitness teaches you a powerful grounding technique that clear low emotions and make a space for more empowering ones to show up. It’s an amazing tool to practice daily for wellbeing improvement, increase in self-esteem and have better relationships with others. This technique helps to attract situations and people that are equally present in their life.

  • Increases wellbeing and self-worth 
  • Clears low emotions and make spaces better things to show up
  • Building personal presence that is directed towards success that comes from within
  • Theoretical, practical and participatory that will allow you to learn powerful practice. 
  • Via Zoom or other similar platform available to both parties.
  • The workshop is performed live from London, UK. 


Learning what is grounding and the importance of it. 
Understanding why we are not present all the time.  
Learning how the strong presence look like and how we could get more 
present in our lives? 
Exploring the science of grounding and the power of it. 
Finding out what you could experience when practice grounding technique 
Self– assessing the way you feel  
Learning powerful grounding technique that will transform your life 

When does
it start?

Available dates:

29 August, 6pm UK time/7pm Europe/2pm Miami

emilia smolinska efio

Emilia Smolinska

MSc Investment Management (CASS Business School, City University of London), BA Business Management (Kingston University), Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner (THINK Institute), Mindfulness Coach, Energy Medicine and Feng Shui Practitioner. She has worked for various leading government organisations as well as in the private sector in the UK. She is specialising in shifting human lives to the next level by clearing limiting beliefs, healing traumas and awakening inner potential that is everyone’s birth right to claim. She has impacted many lives through private sessions and coaching individual clients in alternative modalities. A strong academic background, versatile work experience and proven success record give basis to empower anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level. 

+ 10 years

of experience

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